Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pacific Crest Trailway

One of the most interesting ebooks I've come across in a long time is a copy of the Pacific Crest Trailway. Published in 1945, this rare book chronicles a trail that is 510 miles shorter and has many miles of road walking. The author talks about the wilderness qualities, the backpacking experience and the details of the journey in language that is easily readable but a little unusual for today's audience. I enjoyed how Mount Rainier was declared "the most inspiring mountain in the United States" (p. 43) and the introduction to the chapter on Backpacking Exploration is praiseworthy as well.
Backpacking provides ... a cross-country exploring program of romance and adventure that creates self-reliance, personality and leadership. It comes into close companionship with the wilderness in an environment of deep solitude, free from the sights and sounds of a mechanically disturbed Nature. It arouses a love for nature and hardy pioneering that is vitally needed in our too artificial civilization.
Yes, Yes, Yes!
Credit goes to lonetrail on PCT-L for pointing this out.


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