Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or Treat?

The Wilderness Society, an organization which I consider to be in the mainstream of the movement, has released the Top 10 Halloween Horribles. It's a good synopsis of how the environment has been given a lot of "tricks" but not a lot of "treats" this year.
1. Giveaways to Big Oil Continue, Consumers Get Squeezed, Profits Soar
2. National Parks, the Newest Target
3. Playing Politics with Christmas Trees
4. All Tricks, No Treats for the Arctic Refuge
5. Putting the Road in ‘Roadless’
6. Taking a Chance on Oil Shale
7. Forcing The Choice: Heat or Food
8. Refineries Find Refuge
9. Mining
10. Selling Off Public Lands at Bargain Prices


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